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The Best Scoreboards for High School Gymnasium

Harris Time is the most trusted scoreboard manufacturer for high school and community centres. Our wall mounted basketball scoreboard is long-lasting and easy to control.

Wall Mounted Basketball Scoreboards & Gym Scoreboards

Harris Time had installed and serviced over 500 Wall Mounted Basketball scoreboards in Canada. These scoreboards are the #1 choice of local high school gym and community centres. Team names and advertisement panels can be customized to match your schools spirit! 


Click to see technical details for each basketball scoreboard and gym scoreboard.

Canadian Gym

HT1000 | #1 High School Gym Scoreboard

  • Best-fit design for smaller gymnasiums & community centres
  • Simple and clear display of info
  • Easy to control
  • W8' x H2.5' x D6'

Canadian Basketball

HT1500 | Best-seller Basketball Scoreboard

  • Best-seller Basketball Scoreboard
  • 4:3 Sponsor logo display
  • Fouls information
  • Designed for Canadian basketball match
  • W8' x H4' x D6'

Canadian Basketball Plus

HT2000 | Premium Basketball Scoreboard

  • Ideal scoreboard for most high schools and community centres
  • Detailed fouls information
  • Designed for Canadian basketball match
  • W8' x H4' x D6'

Canadian Gym Premier

HT2200 | Premium Scoreboard with Timeout

  • Designed for Canadian high school and community centre's gymnasiums 
  • Detailed Time Out display for basketball, volleyball and most of the sports
  • Tailor-made available
  • W8' x H6' x D6'

Canadian Gym Petite

HT3000 | A scoreboard that fits ALL VENUES

  • Designed to fit any size of gymnasium or courts 
  • Can be used for all kind of sports or simply timer function
  • Tailor-made available
  • W4' x H3' x D6'


Canadian Gym Deluxe

HT5000 | The Best Multifunction Scoreboard

  • Professionally display badges of team, school, organization or sponsor 
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to control
  • Tailor-made available
  • W8' x H4' x D6'
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