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New SST8 Scoreboard for Hockeyville Winner

New SST8 Scoreboard for Hockeyville Winner

Published on

October 15, 2019

Andrew Harris

Sales & Product Development

New SST8 Scoreboard for Hockeyville Winner

Tom Donovan Arena recently underwent significant renovations to it’s small town community centre in Renuous, New Brunswick thanks to Kraft’s Hockeyville initiative. Harris Time was happy to manufacture a brand new SST8 Scoreboard to contribute to their new look!

About the Hockeyville Contest

Each year Kraft sponsors the Hockeyville contest in aim of uniting local residents in the spirit of sports comradery. Nominations for the contest include a spirited story about the passion the community shares for hockey, and how the arena embodies it. Community members must also rally for their city by posting enthusiastic photos, videos, and messages that share their love for their arena. Kraft judges then pick 1 winner (and 3 runners up) based upon their story’s depiction of the sport in their community, and a total tally of their rally points. Grand prize winners receive $250,000 in arena upgrades and the opportunity to host an NHL hockey game in the new and improved arena. 

New SST8 Scoreboard for Hockeyville Winner 1

Outfitting the Arena With a Brand New SST8 Scoreboard

This year’s winner, Tom Donovan Arena, was completely made over inside & outside to give new life to the well loved building. Part of the extensive renovation meant replacing their old scoreboard that had been in use since 1984. The existing system was outdated and mostly beyond repair, which meant a brand new outfit was their best option. Harris Time was happy to provide a much more modern and effective scoreboard to the Tom Donovan Arena to keep their facilities running at their best for years to come, and support the community’s love for hockey.

Read more about our work with the SST8 Scoreboard here:

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