Harris Time installed our newest model – the SST8 Hockey Scoreboard

Harris Time installed our newest model – the SST8 Hockey Scoreboard

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May 3, 2019

Andrew Harris

Sales & Product Development

SST8 Hockey Scoreboard

Harris Time installed our newest model hockey scoreboard the SST8 at Canlan Sportsplex in Mississauga. Unlike l our SST16, this 8-foot square scoreboard is manufactured in a compact form with time, score, penalty and period displays in one box for facilities where space is at a premium. The single box design made it very easy for our team to install in an afternoon, and it looks great!

Our newest model allows the entire scoreboard to be constructed as one box

Previously, being a large 8-foot scoreboard, the SST8 Hockey Scoreboard was constructed out of 3 individual boxes and bolted together on site. Our newest model allows the entire scoreboard to be constructed as one box. This facilitates the install and greatly speeds up the process.

Challenge: Unconventional placement of existing hockey scoreboard

Arriving at the job, we noticed right away the unconventional placement of their existing scoreboard. Being a sportsplex, this facility’s main concerns are outfitting its’ floor with several different sport-specific arenas; a soccer field, hockey rink, lacrosse rink. This results in odd scoreboard placements for each pad. In the customer’s desired scoreboard location, the only available mounting structure was the old scoreboard’s mounting bracket.

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Solution: Disguising the old mounting bracket for a crisp, clean look

Lucky for us, this mounting bracket was fastened to two steel beams running horizontally around the building, with another steel beam running above and below. To overcome the lack of concrete, we measured out chain from the highest beam to the second, and firmly bolted the desired length of chain to the top beam. Normally, we would drill into concrete to fasten our hoists, however since there was no concrete, we fastened our hoists to our scoreboard chains.

After hoisting the scoreboard to its desired height, the back of our scoreboard rested neatly on their remaining mounting bracket; moving our scoreboard slightly away from the wall, and disguising the old mounting bracket for a crisp, clean look.

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