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Digital Screens

Eliminate the use of chalkboards or whiteboards and minimize inquiries at your Information Help Desk

Generate advertising revenue or keep patrons informed with eye-catching messages. Easily share reservation information, important notices, or display images to bring your organization to life.

Digital Screens offer key functionalities aimed at improving the quality of life for staff, and those frequenting your organization.

Our screens allow you to display up-to-date information, without the use of outdated manual signs, or inviting inquiries to an Information help desk. With a wide variety of options available, Harris Time can create and customize the digital screen that best suits your needs.

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Facility managers are able to publish reservations, dressing room assignments and meeting room bookings in an integrated and compelling fashion using a high definition digital display. Digital Screens offer a compelling medium to deliver important messages about the various programs offered by the facility or organization. The promotion screen combines images, animation and user-defined text messages to provide a high impact method of keeping visitors informed and up-to-date with facility news and events.

The administration and data entry for the display is managed through a web form, hosted either onsite or online. The system is intuitive and easy to use; training takes no more than a few minutes.

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