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About Harris Time
Canada’s Scoreboard and Arena Timer Manufacture

Harris Time is a Canadian Scoreboard manufacturer that provides scoreboard solutions to sports arenas, community centers, schools, and gyms.  Our solutions include a comprehensive Video Sports Display, Arena Timer, Shot Clock, and Outdoor Message Display that fit all sports venues’ needs.

40 Years of Experience providing Scoreboard Solutions to communities across North America


Harris Time has over 40 years of experience in the scoreboard industry and has designed long-lasting and high-quality equipment. Guaranteed for years of trouble-free operation, Harris Time is a highly rated scoreboard solutions provider throughout the years.


From our home location of Oakville, Ontario of Canada, our team of expert engineers is equipped to support your organization’s needs in displaying scores, playback, and timing. From high school gymnasiums to major sports arenas and beyond, our team is ready to outfit your facility with quality products. We’re also experts in retrofitting your existing display furnishing with new equipment to give it new life!


Harris Time helps you to choose the best products & services for your facility. Our products include hockey, basketball, and other arena scoreboards, digital message display, timing clocks, games on stream, instant replay systems, and more!


Scoreboard Solutions and Services

Harris Time provides turnkey scoreboard solutions that include comprehensive assessment, installation, training, and maintenance to facilities that need visual communications to their audiences. Our products include video scoreboards (hockey, basketball, soccer, and more), wall-mounted scoreboards, arena timers, and message displays. We offer services for schools, gymnasiums, sports venues, and community centers, as well as outdoor message boards for businesses, and government offices.

  • The industry leader in retrofitting existing scoreboards

A cost-effective and ecologically friendly option, with minimal waste.

  • Customizable scoreboard layouts

To fit any size and any requirements

  • Best audience experiences 

Video display, instant playback, customizable information, internet score reporting

  • Rental services 

Shot clocks and scoreboards rental services with a high customer rating

  • Control-friendly

Remote-controlled and easy to control. Instruction and training included.

  • On-site service

Provides services and maintenance plans to most manufacturer’s scoreboards.

  • Supply of parts

Parts and control panels for Rotomatic, Fairplay, Scoretech, and HDD scoreboards.

Contact Harris Time and Book a Scoreboard Specialist

There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. If you are interested in finding out how we can improve your organization’s presence in the community book a free consultation today!

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