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Harris Time Inc.

A Leading Canadian Scoreboard Manufacturer

With over 30 years of experience in video scoreboards, Harris Time is a well-known Canadian scoreboard manufacturer for sports arenas, schools, and community centers providing arena timer and display solutions.

Harris Time Scoreboard solutions

Ranging from wall-mounted basketball scoreboards, hockey scoreboards, and LED portable scoreboards, Harris Time’s can accommodate all your facilities' needs. Contact us for more information and have one of our specialists design the best scoreboard solutions for you.


Make sure your fans don’t miss a thing during the big game!

Harris Time provides a large selection of scoreboards and scoreboard accessories to meet your needs. Take advantage of the latest timing and scoreboard controller technology; allow fans to see highlights, and sponsors’ logos; track penalties, timeouts, periods, and more!

Original scoreboard replacement, custom design and retro-fit options, worry-free installation, and a 5-year warranty.

Auxiliary Clocks and Arena Timers

Improve the efficiency of scheduling games, highlight when a goal is made, count how many shots there have been on goal!

By using one of Harris Time Inc.’s auxiliary clocks and arena timers, you can bolster your ability to moderate a game and improve your audiences’ ability to stay informed. Facility personnel will no longer need to rely on outdated methods to track information and the scheduling of a game.

Auxiliary clocks and Arena Timers are highly customizable and deliver extraordinary experiences to both staff and audiences.

LED Display and Digital Solutions

Generate advertising revenue and keep the community informed with programmed messages.

Facility managers can publish reservations, dressing room assignments, and meeting room bookings in an integrated and compelling fashion using high-definition digital and LED displays.

Digital Screens offer a compelling medium to deliver important messages about the facility or the organization. These animation-enabled screens provide a high-impact method of keeping visitors informed with up-to-date facility news,  events, and sponsored messages, no matter at indoor or on outdoor display.

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